Ways of keeping drains free from blockage


Clogged drains can be quite inconvenient and frustrating for any particular setting. In fact, they can get everything to a halt, and you will need to carry out a lot of work to keep them running as good as before. You should note that blockages can cause expensive repairs although you can avoid them.

You may not be the only individual using showers, sinks, and other amenities in your home. This makes it very difficult to control whatever happens. However, you can do something to keep the floor drains, sink drains, and toilet drains free from blockages.

Tips to keep drains free from clogging

Check filters

tg2w3efv76ehdf7u2j2You need to check whether all filters are firmly in place. The filters used in drainage systems are designed to allow water to drain off without invasive materials that are likely to cause clogging. Ensure you only use filters that are of good quality. Moreover, they need to be firmly in place. This is necessary to prevent them from moving out of place to allow invasive materials through. It is advisable to choose drains which are good enough to allow adequate flow of water, and it should keep all the solid residues out.

Clean the filters

Other than ensuring they are in place, there is a need to clear any collection of solids around the filters after use. When you allow solids to stay on the filters, you increase their chances of being washed into the drainage system. This is likely to cause blockages. If you use the kitchen sink, you can remove using your hand. The most important thing is to ensure that all filters are clear and clean as possible after every use.

Keep grease, hairs, and fats off the drains

tg3wdf7vhed8fj2Greases and fats are quite common clogging materials for the kitchen sinks. Rather than forcing them down the drainage, it is good to have a packet adjacent to the sink to deposit fat and grease for proper disposal. The build-up of greases can lead to blockage. This will make it difficult for water to move through smoothly. It is a good idea to pour hot water into the drains once a week.

Identify issues early

When you identify issues early, it becomes easy to take care of the problem before it escalates. As far as blocked drains are concerned, the common signs are bubbling and slow speeds when water moves down the drain.…

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